Water treatment

Rapid population growth and the amazing innovations in the industry and agricultural activities; show the fact that the increased consumption of limited water resources. In our country and all over More... 


Wastewater Treatment (sewage), In a time of high demand to clean water and after using water for industrial or household purposes; Wastewater treatment comes to be an efficient way to get water. More...  


With the continuation of life, day after day; the importance of the subject of energy is so clearly. Consumption, regulating and good management of Energy so that people can continue to use More... 


As ABS Co. until now on a contrary of all other companies that work in the same field, has professional team and equipment. Our company developed our own technology, we offer our More... 


Who Are We?

The vital role of water in terms of health gains more and more importance every day, and people are now reaching a critical point that threaten the health of water resources at all levels due to the intensively raised aggressive use of socio-economic development. 

In 28.08.1997 Our Company started the business and appeared in both local as well as overseas markets. 

As ABS Water Treatment Technologies with aiming to provide the effective usage of restricted water resources in high quality. Our Company keeps the customer's order and satisfaction in the foreground by our professional staff who use water treatment technologies under a wide range of experiences. 

Water is used in all areas; Cosmetic, Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical Industry, Villa, House, Apartment, Complex, City Water, Textile, Hospital, Hotel, etc. For drinking and using water, we are applying the best techniques and modern technology in the implementation of treatment plants projects.

Our mission

Water, Wastewater, Recycling and in all our activity areas, our main purpose is following and using the latest technologies by integrating and applying them in our own technologies to increase our product quality and benefit people and nature and in our field to always have our permanent place in the international market.

Our vision

Our vision is starting with respect to the owner of universe and its order to create universe and respect to its creation and with the love of environment and human being and using high quality products, with experienced staff to provide the best service to our customers.

to ensure society,
that they can easily
provide clean water

our activity fields

Villa - Hotel - Site - Village - Town - City

School - Public Buildings Like Hospitals

Water and Juice Filling Factories

Textile - Leather Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Glass Industry

Petro Chemical Industry

Construction Industry

Yacht and Ship Industry

Agriculture and Agriculture