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Rapid population growth and the amazing innovations in the industry and agricultural activities; show the fact that the increased consumption of limited water resources. In our country and all over the world have been referred the issue of the use of water resources to the forefront interface like sensitive and important issue because of its great importance.

Particularly in relation to water and to protect its natural resources from depletion and to gain time, which has become the most important factor in human life; it was necessary to use technology evaluate the situation and to protect these sources.

As a company that has experience regarding the issue of water treatment we are always working to offer a clean water , whether to drink or to use by using the best and most advanced technologies.

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Wastewater Treatment (sewage), In a time of high demand to clean water and after using water for industrial or household purposes ; Wastewater treatment comes to be an efficient way to get a water. This treatment will be according to methods of biological and chemical and physical:

Chemical Treatment, By adding different chemicals to the slow mixing units and rapid mixing units of sewage water or polluted water. These chemicals react with the polluting substances in sewage water and sediments will be formed. Biological Treatment, Converting organic materials in sewage to compounds stable and biomass after oxidized using oxygen and aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria which are the most important elements for the success of Biological Treatment. Physical Treatment, In this stage never use chemicals or bacteria. But by using mechanical and physical actions and nets, to separate the oils and suspended solids and organic materials and excluded using suitable tools.
The main sewage treatment tools are as follows; Net or grid (soft - rough), primary sedimentation basin, modular chemical and biological treatment, final sedimentation basin, the unit of disinfection and sterilization.

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With the continuation of life, day after day; the importance of the subject of energy is so clearly. consumption , regulating and good management of Energy so that people can continue to use the necessary materials . If we think carefully we will say that one day all these resources and energies will finish and disappear.
What in the world of water, air, plants, animals, oil and gas etc... are limited vital resources ; Compared with those which are renewable energies resources such as solar power and wind power, but human did not used enough. To benefit from these energies will be costly (expensive).
At this point ABS Water Treatment Technologies, in all areas of life, will achieve saving in all actions with using advanced technologies. We are with you , We are working to meet your needs.
In the following points we guarantee that you'll save :

  • Saving Energy.
  • Saving time.
  • Saving in the production process.
  • Savings in consumption.
Besides above points , you will save your money which is also important. ABS as a family offer you economic systems, saying that your money and her money one.

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As ABS Co. until now on a contrary of all other companies that work in the same field, has professional team and equipment. Our company developed our own technology, we offer our own R&D laboratories.

We offer the minimum cost for maximum performance according to your supply and demand. With the lowest possible cost, we are continuing to provide our services in all areas to get healthy water either to use or to drink.

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Especially with our partner companies which operate in industrial construction and petroleum refineries organization, we implement projects and make it ready for you .

By analyzing your needs by our expert staff, we offer the best and most suitable in the infrastructure / superstructure works.

In oil refineries, factories, dams, etc. And everything related to the safety of construction, infrastructure / superstructure, we continue offering our service and give you 35 years of experience in this field and that can be trusted .

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